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Customer Testimonials

Paul was great, extremely knowledgable and made the course interesting and fun. Wide assortment of firearms for student use and learning.

Mike M - May 2021

This was an excellent course with an excellent instructor. Paul is very knowledgeable, courteous and he really enjoys what he does and will throw in some humor at the proper intervals to break up the day so as to keep everyone alert and focused as the class days are long. The class size is small so there is an opportunity to ask as many questions as you like to ensure you fully understand the material that you will be expected to know. I would highly recommend this course and instructor when going for your firearms training. Thanks Paul.

Eric M - January 2019

Knowledgeable and well spoken. Very informative and heavy on safety as it should be.

Eric M - January 2019

Entertaining, aware of time kept class flowing.

Anonymous - March 2018

Very accommodating. Shared clearly and created a great learning environment.

Anonymous - March 2018

Great instructor that was energetic and kept the course very interesting.  

Curtis R - February 2018

Fantastic job - detailed explanations, relatable stories and good humour. Learned far more than I was expecting to from the course, and had a good time learning it.

James R - January 2018

Extremely knowledgeable, demonstrated well, well prepared, comfortable personality, supportive.

Janice - January 2018

Very knowledgeable and could tell instructor really wanted to inform the students. Great Job!

Cody R. - January 2018

Funny and willing to go the extra steps to help students understand. I would definitely recommend Paul as an instructor for friends and family wanting to take the course.

Anonymous - December 2017

Instructor was knowledgable, fun, and enthusiastic while teaching. He has many years experience, which makes him an excellent instructor for this course.

Joshua K - January 2018

The course was excellent and well presented. I enjoyed both days. I will bring my daughter.

David L - December 2017

Paul is amazing. Extremely knowledgable and engaging.

Shira W - December 2017

Paul connected very well with the students, explaining things in a manner everyone could understand easily.He has an excellent demeanour for teaching. All questions were answered with a smile.

Michael R - November 2017

When I came to the class I was certain that it was going to be long and boring hours. Paul is hilarious and so knowledge le that everything went by quick.

Annonymous - November 2017

10/10 I would recommend Paul to anyone who is interested in the course.

Nicholas R - November 2017

Excellent at communicating! Was not dull and kept me interested throughout the entire class.Will bring my children to attend to let them learn about gun safety.

Nathan V - Nov 2017

Very good with connecting with students. Made the material interesting and relevant. Great with examples.

Bianca M. - October 2017

Paul was very easy to follow, hand on and professional. I will recommend his course to friends and family.

Joel W. - September 2017

Kept the class interesting, with humour and relevant anecdotes. Paul was an excellent instructor and his approach to adult students was effective.

Ed M - August 2017

Great guy, knows his stuff, couldn't have done it any better!

Jesse D. - August 2017

Excellent adult learning environment. Paul creates a relaxed professional class that reduces even a beginners anxieties. Highly recommended.

Todd A - June 2017

Excellent sense of humour, very knowledgeable, clearly has a passion for teaching. Made for enjoyable experience.

Eileen Q - Feb 2017

Made the course very welcoming, easy to talk to and easy to understand.

Ayanah W

Paul was very easy to understand, super helpful and approachable. I would definitely recommend him as an instructor for this course.

Gwen V

Paul is a natural born teacher. He's in the right role.  

Rob A

You delivered the material in a way that kept it entertaining. Thank you.

Kait M

Very kind, patient, and made the learner feel comfortable in this environment...well worth the money.

Brad D

Paul is a great teacher who presented the course material in a friendly and open environment, encouraging class participation and integration. Throughly enjoyed the class!

Mark P

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