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Course Information

Canadian Firearms Safety Course 

Non-Restricted (CFSC) and Restricted (CRFSC)

Course content includes:

  • The evolution and history of firearms, major parts, types and actions
  • Basic firearms safety practices and principles
  • Operating firearm actions (long gun and handgun)
  • Safe handling and carry procedures
  • Firing techniques and procedures
  • Care and maintenance of restricted and non-restricted firearms
  • Safe storage, display, transportation and handling of restricted and non-restricted firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Responsibilities of the firearms owner/user and the laws in Canada

Upon successful completion of this course (practical handling and written exam) you will have met the training requirements to apply for your Firearms Possession Acquisition License (PAL). The course involves the handling of disabled firearms and any ammunition provided for training purposes is inert.


Once you receive your paperwork from the Firearms Safety Service of Ontario (FSESO) you will be able to apply to the RCMP for a firearms license.


This is the Canadian Firearms Safety Course is required for employment in many fields:

  • Canada Border Service Agency (CBSA) - Border Services Officer
  • Security companies including armoured car
  • Retail outlets which sell ammunition or firearms
  • Movie and theatre production agencies
  • Certain types of outfitters and wilderness tour agencies

Why choose our program?

  • Small Class sizes - courses limited to 10 students in a class per instructor
  • Dedicated Training Facility - we don't rent venues by the weekend - we have a brick and mortar business located in a former high school.
  • Experienced Instructors - Our instructors have been teaching firearms courses for over 10 years and primary instructor for over 15 years.
  • Graduates from the program receive:
    •   10% Discount at local gun store on first purchase (including firearms and ammo)
    •   10% Discount on firearms liability insurance and legal defence

    •   10% Discount on Private Investigator and Security Guard training (online and in class)
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