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HST Extra

PAL Course / Possession and Acquisition Licence Courses - in Niagara Region

What does "Waiting List" mean?  This means the course is full.  You may add your self to each wait list based on your availability.  The chance of being switched from the wait list to confirmed student is low.  We recommend registering for a course and if a spot opens up in a course prior we can transfer you. If there is no option of going on the wait list that means there are more than 5 people on the waitlist.  Typically our courses only have 7-10 spaces depending on the venue. 

Do not register for a course if you are not sure about attending. There are no refunds. If classes need to be rescheduled for reasons beyond our control we will transfer you to another available course of your choosing at no cost. If you are a no show refunds will not be given. The course can be transferred to anyone and we often have a waitlist. Please let us know if you need to change your registration as much in advance so we can try and find a replacement.

All the courses are full. What should I do?  This is because the course demand outstrips our ability to supply courses. All courses are posted here when instructors confirm. Please do not email asking as we have no more information that what is posted here. Please continue to check the website for courses they often fill within a day or two.

Currently to attend our venue you do not need to be vaccinated as of March 1, 2022

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